• Crimson Emerald

    Compact plant with attractive red color and widely adapted. Very high quality compact red cabbage, round head, very solid interior with short core, excellent for long range transport. Crimson Emerald F-1 Hyb. is widely adapted, very long field holding and bolting resistant. Matures in 70-80 days and weighs 1.8-2.0 kg. Tolerant to Black Rot and excellent crack resistant.

     pdfCabbage Crimson Emerald F-1

  • Perla Roja

    Full round variety with dark red leaves; very firm, medium core. Excellent field holding, medium large fame.

  • Stratus

    Excellent, round, blue-green cabbage, weighting 1.70–1.90 kg. Mid-season production, excellent internal quality, very solid with short core. Overwintering, crack resistant, very long field holding capacity. Stratus matures at 90-95 days.

     pdfCabbage Stratus 390 F-1 Hyb

  • Valverde

    A widely adapted and early maturing, flattened-globe shape cabbage with excellent crack resistance / field holding and shipping ability. Weights 1.60-2.00 kg and matures 55-60 days from the transplant date. A year-round cabbage for tropics and semi-tropics, as well as temperate zones. Resistant to black root and Fusarium sp.

     pdfCabbage Valverde F-1 Hyb

  • Vantar

    Excels in cool highland zones with excellent burst resistance and very long field holding capacity. It is drought resistant, very firm with a short core and weighs approximately 1.30-1.80 kg. Vantar has slightly flattened, near round head and matures 65-70 days from the transplant date. Very resistant to Fusarium and good black root tolerance. Adapted to tropical high lands as well as to warm wet conditions.

     pdfCabbage Vantar F-1 Hyb

  • Vista

    Blue-green beads and high-dome shape. Very widely adapted all year, including spring planting for summer harvest. Humid or dry heat tolerant. For crowns, bunching, or processing.

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