• Ananas

    An excellent Eindor type Ananas hybrid with a yellow-orange flesh and fine netted rind. This hybrid is uniform and round-oval in shape. It has excellent fruit quality and plants are vigorous. Ananas Hybrid EM 815 is resistant to Powdery Mildew and tolerant to Fusarium race 1.

     pdfMelon Ananas

  • Del Oro Improved

    A very prolific western shipper, medium early melon that is round to oval in shape, tolerance to PMR, 2.5-3.0 kg in weight. Orange flesh color, full net, long distance shipper. Tolerant to Sulfur application and Oidium.

     pdfMelon Del Oro Improved

  • Edisto Star

    The variety typically produces medium to large fruit and an excellent dense net for a superior appearance. Designed for prolonged harvest conditions, Edisto Star has an excellent internal quality with a tight seed cavity and firm, orange flesh.

     pdfMelon Edisto EM

  • EM 850 Galia

    An early season Galia melon with strong, vigorous vines that produce oval shaped, well netted fruit with thick, green flesh. Very productive and widely adaptable in multiple production areas.

     pdfMelon EM 850 F-1 Hyb

  • EM 852

    A mid season galia with green flesh and excellent flavor. Strong vigorous vines contribute to a good set.

  • EMA 2080

    Excellent orange-flesh Ananas with tight seed cavity. Flesh is aromatic and sweet. Mid-season maturity, great holding ability.

  • Jaune Coronel

    Excellent yields, smooth skin Yellow Canary class, great sweet taste, white/pinkish crisp flesh, weighting up to 2.0 kg, approximately 80 days to maturity, tolerant to Fusarium sp., PMR and Sulfur.

  • Precious Dew

    Very productive hybrid honeydew with an attractive appearance, strong vine, and Brix ranging from 13-16.

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