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    Clarisima is a delicious Santa Clara class tomato. This high yielding plant produces very firm large fruit. Clarisima is a blocky shaped tomato which at maturity weighs approximately 140 grams. It is resistant to V, F-1, F-2, ASC and ST.

     pdfTomato Clarisima F-1 Hyb

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    Diamante 471

    Determinate, UC-82 class tomato. Weights up to 130 gm and is resistant to V, F-1, F-2, BSP, and N. We recommend Diamante 471 for the Middle East. Plant is high yielding and fruit has good viscosity.

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    EM Delta

    A very productive, long shelf life, indeterminate, Saladette, large Rio Grande, cluster type. This tomato weighs 130-140 grams, is very solid and tolerant to TSW, N, F1, F2, V and Bsp.

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    EM Reina

    Very early, determinate, Saladette variety. EM Reina is a deep egg shape, has medium viscosity, weights up to 125 gm, and matures at approximately 115 days. It is tolerant to VFF and Bacterial Spec; compare to Yaqui.

     pdfTomato EM Reina

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    EMSD 2010

    An exceptional determinate to semi determinate saladette/roma variety with high tolerance to Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus and large fruit. Very productive, weights between 110-120 gm.

     pdfTomato EMSD 2010F1- Hyb

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    Meridian 586

    This is a beautiful dual-purpose hybrid saladette. It is a full season tomato with full disease resistance. It is an outstanding yielding which produces well in high temperatures due to its great cover. It is jointless and weighs approximately 115 gram. This tomato is recommended for all saladette markets.

     pdfTomato Meridian 586 F-1 Hyb