• EM Aurora

    An excellent medium framed, very crisp, bright green Grand Rapids type with excellent bolting resistance for professional growers. EM Aurora is very uniform and tightly frilled with maturity of approximately 75 days.

     pdfLettuce EM Aurora

  • EM Mariposa

    Butterhead variety with very smooth, dark green colored leaves. Widely adapted with considerable bolting resistance, medium large size and excellent quality. Very uniform and tolerant to foliar diseases. It has high average weight.

     pdfLettuce EM Mariposa

  • EM Sparkler

    Deep red, high quality Romaine lettuce, reaching 20-25 cm in size. Large leaves, thick and slightly savoyed. Tolerant to Corky Root, LMV, Tipburn and heat.

  • Green Leaf

    Early high yielding Waldman's Green type with larger frame and deeper color. Has more leaves per head and has frillier leaf margins making it an appealing Tipburn tolerant green leaf lettuce.

  • Red Leaf

    An impressive uniform leaf lettuce that is large, vigorous, deep red color, Tipburn tolerant.

  • Romaine 413

    A dark green romaine, very uniform heads, uniform maturity of about 60 days, approximately 25 cm in height. Tolerant to Corky Root, Lettuce Mosaic Virus and Tip burn, widely adapted with medium heat tolerance.

     pdfLettuce EM Romaine 413

  • Salinas 44

    An exceptional Salinas type lettuce for warmer conditions. Salinas 44 has a wide spectrum of Downey Mildew tolerance. It matures in approximately 65-75 days, is medium size, and matte dark green in color.

  • Salinas 55

    A widely adapted uniform maturing Salinas type lettuce with very good Tip burn resistance. Salinas 55 is medium large in size, matures in approximately 65-70 days and is a medium matte green color.

  • Vanguard

    A firm Vanguard desert type lettuce with a large frame and tolerance to cold conditions. Vanguard 896 matures in approximately 95-100 days, is dark green in color and offers tolerance to Tip burn.

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