This list of Emerald Star Varieties provides descriptions and photos of many of our most competitive proprietary varieties. For descriptions of the open pollinated public varieties we offer, please contact us, we will gladly send you a Varietal Fact Sheet of each variety you request.


Flesh is thick, moist, and nutty tasting, with a large, deep heart. Heads are oval shaped, thornless, and glossy green. Emerald’s uniform shape, high yield capability, long production cycle, and attractive glossy green color, along with cold tolerance make this a very attractive artichoke for the professional fresh or processor market

coriander-emExcellent fresh market asparagus for warm dry conditions. Very high early yields. Very uniform spears, 20 cm. in length, up to 2.0 cm. in diameter. Production is 7-10 days earlier than other hybrids.

 pdfVarietal Fact Sheet: Brock Imperial F-1 Hyb.

coriander-emAn excellent globe shaped beet with smooth roots. Dark red internal color. Prestige F-1 Hyb. is ideal for processing. Tolerant to Downy Mildew and Cercospora Leaf Spot. Medium green tops.

Red ExpressImproved Detroit Red, beautiful quality. Very uniform, tolerant to Downy Mildew, bolt tolerant. Tops are green with maroon tinge.

Beet Atlas F-1 HybA smooth round F-1 Hybrid with high brix. Very good disease tolerance to Downy Mildew and Cercospora Leaf Spot. Very uniform roots. Bright green tops, medium height. High tolerance to bolting under stress.. Super yields.

This hybrid beet has smooth round shaped roots with high sugar content. Very uniform roots. Very good disease tolerance to Downy Mildew and Cercospora Leaf Spot. Bright green tops, medium height. Resistant to early bolting. High yielding.



A widely adapted, high quality mid season broccoli with excellent yield potential and good uniformity. Royal Favor produces perfect domed shaped heads with fine beads.

Royal Favor has vigorous upright plant and holds well and tall 75-80 cm.

It performs very well under tropical conditions.

Days to maturity is between 85-90 days after transplanting.

Good Tolerance to hollow stem and downy mildew. Very good for bunching processing and crown cut markets.


Royal Max is ideal for planting in desert heat from September to late October with cool weather late February harvest. In mild coastal areas plantings can be year round but Royal Max prefers warm weather. In North Guanajuato Mexico plant in April – July. For fresh cut or processing.


Broccoli Tenderette enhancedBaby broccoli type for side shoot harvesting, small florets with long thin stalks and very sweet flavor

EMBR 9212For cool season production, deep domed firm heads which are suitable for fresh market or processing. Tolerance to hollw stem and cat eyes. It is a very uniform plant with narrow stems for ease of harvest and trimming


Compact plant with attractive red color and widely adapted. Very high quality compact red cabbage, round head, very solid interior with short core, excellent for long range transport. Crimson Emerald F-1 Hyb. is widely adapted, very long field holding and bolting resistant. Matures in 70-80 days and weighs 1.8-2.0 kg. Tolerant to Black Rot and excellent crack resistant.

 pdfCabbage Crimson Emerald F-1


This compact plant has good vigor and very good standing abilities. An excellent round headed cabbage. Heads are 1.8-2.3 kg. in weight, very dense, uniform, with a very short core. 85 days to maturity. Excellent crack resistance and holding ability.

cabbage_stratusExcellent round blue green cabbage, 1.7 – 1.9 kg. mid season production, excellent internal quality, very solid with short core. Overwintering, crack resistant, very long field holding capacity. Efficient compact plants. Stratus matures at 90-95 days. Head is very firm and resistant to cracking. Similar to EM 378 Hyb. but smaller heads.

 pdfCabbage Stratus 390 F-1 Hyb


A widely adapted and early maturing flattened-globe shape cabbage with excellent crack resistance / field holding and shipping ability. Valverde F-1 hyb. weighs 1.6-2.0 kg. with a very solid interior and short core and matures 55-60 days from the transplant date. A year-round cabbage for tropics and semi tropics as well as temperate zones. Resistant to black root and Fusarium sp.

 pdfCabbage Valverde F-1 Hyb

Vantar excels in cool highland zones with excellent burst resistance and very long field holding capacity. It is drought resistant, very firm with a short core and weighs approximately 1.3-1.8 kg. Vantar has slightly flattened, near round head and matures 65-70 days from the transplant date. Very resistance to Fusarium sp. And good black root tolerance. Adapted to tropical high lands as well as to warm wet conditions.

 pdfCabbage Vantar F-1 Hyb

Cabbage_vicarioThis cabbage offers excellent field holding ability and also ships very well. Vicario F-1 Hyb. is a large flattened globe shaped cabbage that weighs approximately 1.8 -2.8 kg. This variety matures 80-85 days from transplant. Tolerant to Black Rot and Fusarium Yellows.

 pdfCabbage Vicario F-1 Hyb

Full round Blue Green hybrid for spring and summer production, which matures between 90-95 days. Black rot resistant. Compare to Vantage or Scorpio. Head is 1.2 – 1.4 Kg. in weight, short core, uniform and compact. Viceroy F1 is resistant to cracking.

Carrot-Brandy-421An outstanding large Nantes type carrot with year round production capabilities, cylindrical roots and well filled. EM Brandy 417 F-1 Hyb. has very good cold tolerance and is approximately 22-26 cm. in length. Their structure is firm and hard to break. The foliage is medium long and erect. EM Brandy has a good color, uniformity as well as high productivity. Tolerant to foliar diseases.

 pdfCarrot EMN Brandy 417 F-1 Hyb

carrot_chantenay_950This fabulous Chantenay type carrot can be grown in both spring and summer. This high yielding carrot resists cracking and can be harvested by machine easily, due to short strong vigorous foliage. EM Chantenay 3300 is 15 – 18 cm. in length. EM Chantenay 950 has a good color, uniformity as well as high productivity. Tolerant to foliar diseases.

cauliflower-denova-IIThis superb mid-season hybrid cauliflower tolerates heat very well and good self covering abilities. Matures in approximately 95 days. EM Denova 678 is a very vigorous plant with a large curd size of about 20-25 cm. in diameter.

 pdfCauliflower EM Denova II F-1 Hyb

Emerald OrientFirm barrel shaped head, excellent for shipping, 65 days to maturity, very slow bolting , approximately 3.0-3.5 kg. in weight. Very uniform marketing and head well wrapped.

Emerald SpringA uniform cylinder shaped Napa cabbage with strong cold tolerance that weighs approximately 3.5 kg. and is tolerant to Downy Mildew and Soft rot.

coriander-emEmerald’s high yielding bolt-resistant strain of Coriander, EM 500 is valued for its attractive, glossy green leaves, plus its very uniform and consistent quality. For the professional who must have a higher quality product.

coriander-long-standingA professional selected bolt-resistant strain, the leaves are glossy green with uniform and consistent quality.

Beit Alpha EM 75Extremely productive Beit Alpha hybrid, approximately 55-60 days to maturity, GY, vigorous, fruit size 13-15 x 4 cm., medium green, resistant/tolerant to CMV, DM, PM, suitable for open field production, compare to Babylon.

 pdfCucumber Beit Alpha EM 75 F-1 Hyb

cucumber beit alphaBeit Alpha Hybrid with 100% female flowering for open field production. Darker and somewhat longer compare to Babylon. Celebrity class.

 pdfCucumber Beit Alpha EM 192 F-1 Hyb

cucumber Lancer 152 F-1A very dark green American gynoecious slicer. Large vigorous vine with relatively long smooth fruit 20-25 cm /8.5 – 9.0 in. in length. Very high multi virus tolerance.

 pdfCucumber EM Slicer Lancer 152 F-1 HYB

CucumberEmeraldChoice.jpgAn outstanding dark green gynoecious American Slicer type. Vigorous, fruit size 20 X 6 cm. Resistant to CMV, S, DM, PM, A and ALS. It can be compared to Dasher II.

 pdfCucumber Emerald Choice F-1 Hyb

Cucumber EMBA 325Emerald Pick is a premium high yielding white spined pickling cucumber hybrid with very attractive blocky fruit that are a very attractive dark green. Resistant to Cucumber Scab, CMV, Downy and Powdery Mildew, Anthracnose and Angular Leaf Spot.

 pdfCucumber Emerald Pick

 Cucumber_Laser_160A very uniform dark green gynoecious  American slicer. Very smooth classy fruit 20-25 cm/8.5-9.0 in., length. Very small seed cavity. Excellent fruit quality. Very high multi virus tolerance.

Cucumber Action 411xA very uniform gynoecious pickler. Action 411 is an attractive dark green blocky fruit with multiple disease resistance.

 pdfCucumber Action 411 pickler

Cucumber EMBA 325Very early, very high quality Beit Alpha fruit, for late spring and summer production. Not recommended for winter or early spring production because the plant has less branching and will not produce adequate yields under too cool of conditions. Good concentration of female flowers. This variety complements our EM 300 which is better for winter and spring but not for hot conditions. EMSB 325 will hold up in warm summer conditions with strong levels of female flower production. Both EMSB 325 and EM 300 have high levels of virus resistance

 pdfCucumber EMBA 325 beit alpha

cucumber-emiliano-410A super uniform gynoecious pickler specially selected for areas where pickle types are used for fresh market. Dark green and multiple virus protection.

 pdfCucumber EM Emiliano

Squash_EM_870A beautiful multi virus tolerant yellow zucchini with excellent color contrast between the dark green stem and the brilliant yellow fruit. Very productive with an open plant.

 pdfSquash EM 870 Gold Zucchini

lettuce-em-mariposaThis is a new out door variety. A very smooth leafed with attractive dark green butter head, widely adapted with considerable bolting resistance, medium large size and excellent quality. Very uniform and tolerant to foliar diseases. It has high average weight.

 pdfLettuce EM Mariposa

Salinas 44An exceptional Salinas type lettuce for warmer conditions. Salinas 44 has a wide spectrum of Downey Mildew tolerance. It matures in approximately 65-75 days, is medium size, and matte dark green in color.

Salinas 55A widely adapted uniform maturing Salinas type lettuce with very good Tip burn resistance. Salinas 55 is medium large in size, matures in approximately 65-70 days and is a medium matte green color.

Lettuce-VanguardA firm Vanguard desert type lettuce with a large frame and tolerance to cold conditions. Vanguard 896 matures in approximately 95-100 days, is dark green in color and offers tolerance to Tip burn.

Lettuce-Green-leaf-560An excellent medium framed very crisp, bright green Grand Rapids type with excellent bolting resistance for professional growers. EM Aurora is very uniform and tightly frilled with maturity of approximately 75 days.

 pdfLettuce EM Aurora

Lettuce-AuroraEarly high yielding Waldmann's Green type with larger frame and deeper color. Has more leaves per head and has frillier leaf margins making it an appealing Tipburn tolerant green leaf lettuce.

 pdfLettuce EM Green Leaf 550

Red Leaf 625An impressive uniform leaf lettuce that is large, vigorous, deep red color, Tipburn tolerant.

Lettuce---EM-SparklerDeep Red, high quality Romaine lettuce. Size 20-25 cm. Large leaves, thick and slightly savoyed. Tolerant to Corky Root, LMV, Tipburn and tolerant to heat.

lettuce-romaine413A dark green romaine, very uniform heads, uniform maturity of about 60 days, approximately 25 cm. in height, slight blistering, good quality, tolerant to Corky Root, Lettuce Mosaic Virus and Tip burn, widely adapted with medium heat tolerance.

 pdfLettuce EM Romaine 413

Melon-AnanasAn excellent Eindor type Ananas hybrid with a yellow-orange flesh and fine netted rind. This hybrid is uniform and round-oval in shape. It has excellent fruit quality and plants are vigorous. Ananas Hybrid EM 815 is resistant to Powdery Mildew and tolerant to Fusarium race 1.

 pdfMelon Ananas

 EM del Oro

A very prolific western shipper medium early melon that is round to oval in shape, tolerance to PMR, 2.5-3.0 Kg. in weight. Orange flesh color, full net, long distance shipper, Tolerant to Sulfur application and Oidium.

 pdfMelon Del Oro Improved

melon-em-8601The variety typically produces medium to large fruit and an excellent dense net for a superior appearance. Designed for prolonged harvest conditions, 8601 has an excellent internal quality with a tight seed cavity and firm flesh.

 pdfMelon Edisto EM

galia-melon-850An early season Galia melon with strong, vigorous vines that produce oval shaped, well netted fruit with thick, green flesh. Very productive and widely adaptable in multiple production areas.

 pdfMelon EM 850 F-1 Hyb

Galia 852A mid season galia with green flesh and excellent flavor. Strong vigorous vines contribute to a good set.

melon_yellow_canary_juan_coronelExcellent yields, smooth skin Yellow Canary class, great sweet taste, white/pinkish crisp flesh, 2.0 kg., approximately 80 days to maturity, tolerant to Fusarium sp., PMR and Sulfur.

 pdfMelon Juan Coronel F-1 Hyb

ONIONADELANTEF-1HYBIMG_1281.jpgOur mid early impressive short day white hybrid onion. This hybrid can produce uniform medium to jumbo near round bulbs. Matures 14 days earlier than White Grano. Very good Pink Root Resistance, tolerant to Fusarium.

Onion-AdmiralLarge golden yellow near globe shaped bulbs. Excellent for early and main season. Uniform bulb size and shape gives an excellent pack out. Resistant to Pink Root. Tolerant to Fusarium.

onion-accentLate season Short Day / early intermediate over-wintering onion with very good bolting resistance, High globe shaped, beautiful very firm bulbs. Good Pink Root resistance and tolerance to Fusarium. Performs well as transplant.

Onion_Inkopah_F-1An exceptional late short day early intermediate red onion with very high percentage of single centers and beautiful red color on each ring. An excellent product for the hamburger and salad bar industries.

Emy314-761A true intermediate hybrid cutting consistently in excess of 85% single centers. High yielding with high Pink Root resistance and very low pungency.

EMY 55265 F-1 HYBEMY 55265 is a mid-early short day onion hybrid with very beautiful, bright, medium yellow full globe bulbs with smooth scales. EMY 55265 is very uniform and highly single centered. Very wide adaptation in short day production zones with good bolting resistance and pinkroot resistance.

 pdfVarietal Fact Sheet: EMY 55265 F-1 HYB.

EMY 55291- HYBMY 55291 is a very uniform mid-season short day hybrid onion, substantial marketable yields with capacity of very large colossal onions. EMY 55291 bulbs are very attractive with refined medium-dark yellow scales, and are single centered. Strong foliage with very good bolt resistance, and strong pink root resistance.

 pdfVarietal Fact Sheet: EMY 55291- HYB.

ONIONKEEPSAKEF-1HYB1352.jpgKeepsake features very early production of high quality firm, near globe onions. Attractive medium yellow bulbs. Keepsake is an excellent shipper and has very good storage capacity. Keepsake is widely adapted for mid-early season production in short day onion districts throughout the world. Highly resistant to Pink Root Rot.

Sampson45-735A high quality late season variety with excellent yield potential. Sampson F-1 Hyb. is a flattened globe shaped large onion with straw yellow skin. Very firm onions for mid-term storage, excellent shipper. Good Pink Root Resistance.

Onion Chachal F-1

An early short day hybrid with excellent foliage high percentage of single centers, very good for cebollina/set production  in  Mexico(Leon, Bahio ) as well as in direct seeded area of Tampico and Morales. Very good pink root resistance, high heat and disease tolerance

Onion EM Espada EMB 100EM Espada has strong, upright, dark blue-green leaves and an strong root system to make this variety an excellent choice for both summer and for fall planting. The vigorous roots give high tolerance to disease

Onion EMW 51121 F-1 HybMedium maturity,  large full round brilliant white bulbs, good foliage, with excellent pink root tolerance.

EMY-55210-w-signEarly slow bolting yellow grano hybrid with 80% solo centers and high Pink Root resistance.

Onion granex yellow croppedA mid early yellow Granex, very refined and highly bolt tolerant, large flattened bulbs with excellent Pink Root tolerance for the most professional markets.

Onion-EMY-70043Mid season short day, full round, good firmness, single center, South Central California, Tampico Mexico, Brazil

ONION EMY80022EMY 80022 F-1 Hyb. is a short day Yellow Granex type,  It is firm, dark yellow, with a high percentage of single centers. Very good storage,

Rojo ArdanteAn excellent short day hybrid red, Rojo Ardante for short day over-wintering growing areas. Rojo Ardante produces nearly globe deep red onions with good pink root resistance, high heat and foliar disease tolerance.

onion-granex-em-90An excellent uniform deep-flat Granex class onion. For sweet onion markets. EM 90 has a large bulb size and mid-early maturity. It has moderate storage capabilities, very good resistance to Pink Root disease and wide adaptability.


(A. fistulosum)– Excellent long slender green type for bunching, non bulbing with short white shanks and excellent tolerance to downy mildew, pink root, smut, thrips and is winter hardy. Especially suitable for Northwestern Mexico commercial production for export.

onion-yellow-granexEM 110 is a truly professional choice for the sweet yellow granex market. Beautiful large yellow bulbs with a uniform deep-flat shape, and medium early maturity. Storage ability is on par with the best in class. With very high tolerance to Pink Root

Onion EMR Pachanga  57404

EMR Pachanga F-1 Hyb is a red short day type, with a full round shape, pinkish scales with a high percentage of single centers Pachanga F-1 is an excellent choice for tropical regions. early maturity, firm, very uniform and high yielding

PEPPERANAHEIM364F-1HYBDSC01072.jpgA very high yielding Anaheim pepper with great adaptability, 2 lobes, high heat, erect plant with a lot of foliage.

 pdfPepper Anaheim EM 364

A Serrano hybrid for the professional grower, medium maturity, large dark green fruit with PVY and TEV tolerance.

pepper-em-9400A Bacterial Leaf Spot 1, 2, 3 resistant hot dark green to red medium to large jalapeno with thick walls and good processing capability.

pepper-jalapeno-em-1010-blsVery high heat with a dark green color when immature, turning dark red at full maturity. Fruit walls are medium. No checking or Anthocyanic coloration. The plants are medium tall, providing good cover. Resistant to Bacterial Leaf Spot races 1,2, 3.

 pdfPepper Jalapeno Fortunato

pepper-habanero-550Beautiful Dark Yellow to Light Orange Habanero, Very hot. Dark Green before maturity, plants 70 – 95 cm. in height. Fruit size 5 -6 cm. in diameter, 15 gr. In weight .Long season.

 pdfPepper Habanero

pepper-sweet-270EM Bella 270 is a widely adapted high yielding Fresh Market type that produces large bells which at maturity turn from green to red. This attractive bell is 3-4 lobed, blocky, with thick walls, and resistant to TMV. The plant habit is upright.

 pdfPepper EM Bella 270

pepper-sweet-733EM Bella 733 produces very large sized (10 cm. x 11 cm.), dark green bell peppers, blocky – oblong in shape, 3- to 4 lobed with thick walls. Fruit mature to a scarlet red. EM Bella 733 is widely adapted, medium early maturing and continues a prolong production period. Plants are relatively compact and vigorous growing and produce a heavy canopy which protects EM Bella 733 from sun scald.

 pdfPepper EM Bella 733

Pepper-cantora-typeA distinctive sweet Pepper for Central and South America. Fruits are dark green with thick walls and medium-large broad shoulders. The fruit is generally three lobed and tapers to a blunt or semi-pointed blossom end.10-12cm.long, 6.0-8.0 cm wide. Plants are tall and vigorous, somewhat branched and offer excellent fruit coverage. Resistant or tolerant to virus including TMV, TEV and PVY. Maturity 100-120 Days.

 pdfPepper Cantora

Precious DewVery productive hybrid honeydew with an attractive appearance, strong vine, and Brix ranging from 13-16.

Broccoli EMBR 918 sideview table topBroccoli EMBR 918 is excellent for planting under warm conditions for midsummer or autumn harvest. The plant habit tends to be up-right with good potential in heavy density plantings. EMBR 918 has a high domed tight blue-green head with fine beads. This variety is very uniform and excellent for crown cuts or short trim.

EM CamilaA beautiful Lebanese class summer squash that offers an extended production period of high quality fruit. Camila 625 F-1 Hyb. is cylindrical slightly tapered, 16-18 cm. in length, matures 42-46 days from seeding. Compare to Anita.

 pdfSquash - Camila 625 F-1 Hyb

EleganteElegante is a versatile grey zucchini F-1 Hybrid with intermediate tolerance to mosaic disease. Maturity is Mid-Early. Grey, 6 inch fruit.

 pdf Squash - Elegante F-1 Hyb

squash_ambrosia_f1A beautiful Grey Zucchini hybrid. EM Ambrosia F-1 Hyb. is more cylindrical than Elegante F-1 Hyb. Plants are medium-large and vigorous.

 pdfSquash - EM Ambrosia F-1 Hyb

SQUASHEMBEACONF-1HYBIMG_5535.jpgA terrific cylindrical Topkapi class squash with Clarita color and medium size bush habit plants with medium size leaves. Compare to Jedida.

EM Clara 620EM Clara 620 is an classic uniform hybrid Lebanese type squash. EM Clara 620 is highly productive and adapted to both open field production and to produc-tion under tunnels. Plants are medium sized and upright, fruit are blocky, tapered, measuring 14-16 cm. long and are light green with a grayish undertone. EM Clara 620 matures 42-46 days after direct seeding. This is our classic Clarita class hybrid.

 pdfSquash - EM Clara 620 F-1 Hyb

Squash_Delight_f1A very light green Eskenderany type hybrid that is extremely productive, matures approximately 52 days from direct seeding, is 6-7 inches in length and is a tapered cylindrical shape.

Squash Twilight EM820A very classy dark green glossy zucchini with a semi spineless plant for easier picking and less harvest damage from scratches to the fruit. Multi virus tolerant and prolific.

 pdfSquash - Twilight

Squash EM Bahija F-1 HYBEM Bahija’s maturity is 45 days from seed emergence. Extended slight bulb shape. Highly flecked on clear grey green field. Short, open habit with low spine count. Excellent type for Middle Eastern markets. Professional grower quality. High Resistance: ZYMV; (Podi Complex); WMVII.

 pdf Squash EM Bahija F-1 HYB

SQUASHORIZABAF-1HYB.jpgExcellent Grey Zucchini F-1 Hybrid with virus tolerance especially suitable for Mexico

Squash EM Super BolSuper Bol is a beautiful round zucchini hybrid prolific with gorgeous fruit, sturdy healthy plants. Intermediate resistance to PM 2, ZYMV, & WMV.

 pdfSquash EM Super Bol (EM 201) F-1

Pepper-EM-955-lamuyoClassic Lamuyo pepper with dark red quality fruit with smooth, firm wall. Vigorous plant with heavy fruit set and uniform size and shape for high pack out of premium grade fruit.

Tomato-498-dual-purposeAn excellent Castle Rock F1 Hyb. type resistant to Nematodes, 150 gm., compact, VFFN. Dual purpose determinate.

 pdfTomato EM 498 F-1 Hyb

TOMATOEMREINAF-1HYBRIDDSC01097.jpgWeight 125 gm., 115 days to maturity, determinate, deep egg shape, medium viscosity, tolerant to VFF and Bacterial Spec, very early saladette, compare to Yaqui.

 pdfTomato EM Reina

TOMATOCAPITAN850IMG_3650.jpgA large determinate tomato that offers long shelf life, weighs 210 grams, crack resistance, firmness, and tolerance to V, F1-2, Alt and Asc. Capitan 850 LSL F-1 Hyb. does well in South America and Asia. It is mid-early maturity, open field, good on short poles and excellent quality.

TOMATO-MERIDIAN586F-1HYB.jpgThis dual-purpose hybrid saladette tomato is terrific. It is a full season tomato with full disease resistance. It is an outstanding yielding which produces well in high temperatures due to its great cover. It is jointless and weighs approximately 115 gram. This tomato is recommended for all saladette markets.

 pdfTomato Meridian 586 F-1 Hyb

tomato-clarisimaClarisima is a delicious Santa Clara class tomato. This high yielding plant produces very firm large fruit. Clarisima is a blocky shaped tomato which at maturity weighs approximately 140 grams. It is resistant to V, F-1, F-2, ASC and ST.

 pdfTomato Clarisima F-1 Hyb

9900An exceptional determinate to semi determinate  saladette/roma with high tolerance to Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus and large fruit. Very productive.

 pdfTomato EMSD 2010F1- Hyb

Tomato_EM_9800_TY_2Indeterminate round to globe shaped 240-250 in weight with extremely high tolerance to Tomato Yellow Leaf Curly Virus and to Tomato Spotted Wilt.

tomato-delta-indet.-saladetteA very productive long shelf life, indeterminate, Saladette, large Rio Grande, cluster type. This tomato weighs 130-140 grams, is very solid and tolerant to TSW, N, F1, F2, V and Bsp.

watermelon-allsweet-em-296Calsweet type. Large dark stripes, 85 days, 12 kg. size - Brix 11.5° and color: deep red. Midseason maturity with good cover and high production. Resistant to sunburn. Tolerance to Fusarium and Anthracnose and good shipper.

WATERMELONSCARLETDSC00068.jpgA delicious Crimson Sweet type watermelon with excellent quality. EM Scarlet F-1 Hyb. is slightly oval, medium green in color, 9-11 kg. in weight, matures 85 days from transplanting, flesh is medium red and firm.

 pdfWatermelon EM Scarlet Hyb

Emerald SweetThis very productive watermelon weighs 10-12 kg. and is a good shipper. It matures 86 days from transplanting. The rind is dark green in color with light green stripes. The flesh is bright red and has excellent texture.

regal-greyThis very productive large watermelon is extra sweet with red firm flesh. It is an elongated shape Charleston Gray type, weighs 12-13 kg., matures 88 days from transplanting, has small light brown seeds and is tolerant to Fusarium and Anthracnose.

 pdfWatermelon Regal Grey

EM 297 F-1 HybVery attractive, striped, dark green rind with blocky appearance. Very firm with dark red flesh.

em800For the Crimson Sweet segment. Firm, red flesh. Sugars in the range of 12 brix. Its thick rind makes it ideal for long distance transportation.

emcs619For the Crimson Sweet segment. Firm, red flesh. Sugars in the range of 12 brix. Its thick rind makes it ideal for long distance transportation.

emcs9602A darker greyish green Crimson Sweet, high yielding oval fruit.

WATERMELON-EM-606-F-1-HYBCrimson Sweet class globe to oval light -medium green background with indistinct green stripes 10-13 kilos Fusarium resistance, mid maturity.

 pdfWatermelon EM 606 F-1 Hyb

EMCS 607Oblong to elongated, has a vigorous plant habit, 11-15 kg, with high resistance to Fusarium, high yields, mid season.

 pdfWatermelon EM 607 F-1 Hyb

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