• Action

    A very uniform gynoecious pickler. Action 411 is an attractive dark green blocky fruit with multiple disease resistance.

     pdfCucumber Action 411 pickler

  • Beit Alpha 75

    Extremely productive Beit Alpha hybrid, approximately 55-60 days to maturity, GY, vigorous, fruit size 13-15 x 4 cm., medium green, resistant/tolerant to CMV, DM, PM, suitable for open field production, compare to Babylon.

     pdfCucumber Beit Alpha EM 75 F-1 Hyb

  • EMBA 325

    Very early, high quality hybrid for late spring and summer production. Not recommended for winter or early spring production because the plant has less branching and will not produce adequate yields under too cool of conditions. EMSB 325 will hold up in warm summer conditions with strong levels of female flower production. 

     pdfCucumber EMBA 325 beit alpha

  • Emerald Choice

    An outstanding dark green gynoecious American Slicer type. Vigorous, fruit size 20x6 cm. Resistant to CMV, S, DM, PM, A and ALS. It can be compared to Dasher II.

     pdfCucumber Emerald Choice F-1 Hyb

  • Emerald Pick

    Emerald Pick is a premium high yielding white-spined pickling cucumber hybrid with very attractive blocky fruit and dark green skin. Resistant to Cucumber Scab, CMV, Downy and Powdery Mildew, Anthracnose and Angular Leaf Spot.

     pdfCucumber Emerald Pick

  • Emiliano 410

    A super uniform gynoecious pickler specially selected for areas where pickle types are used for fresh market. Dark green and multiple virus protection.

     pdfCucumber EM Emiliano

  • Lancer

    A very dark green American gynoecious slicer. Large vigorous vine with relatively long , smooth fruit 20-25 cm in length. Very high multi-virus tolerance.

     pdfCucumber EM Slicer Lancer 152 F-1 HYB

  • Laser

    Mid-late maturing variety with very small, blue-green beads. Widely adapted and stable high-dome shape, great for crown production and processing.

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