• Camila 625

    A beautiful Lebanese class summer squash that offers an extended production period of high quality fruit. Camila 625 F-1 Hyb is cylindrical, slightly tapered, 16-18 cm in length, matures 42-46 days from seeding. Compare to Anita.

     pdfSquash - Camila 625 F-1 Hyb

  • Clara 620

    A classic uniform hybrid Lebanese type squash. Clara 620 is highly productive and adapted to both open field and tunnel production. Plants are medium sized and upright, fruits are blocky, tapered, measuring 14-16 cm long and are light green with a grayish undertone. Matures approximately 42-46 days after direct seeding.

     pdfSquash - EM Clara 620 F-1 Hyb

  • Elegante

    Elegante is a versatile Grey Zucchini F-1 Hybrid with intermediate tolerance to mosaic disease. Maturity is Mid-Early; fruit reaches up to 6 inches in length.

     pdf Squash - Elegante F-1 Hyb

  • EM Ambrosia

    A beautiful Grey Zucchini type hybrid. EM Ambrosia is more cylindrical than Elegante F-1 Hyb. Plants are medium-large and vigorous.

     pdfSquash - EM Ambrosia F-1 Hyb


    EM Bahija’s maturity is 45 days from seed emergence. Extended slight bulb shape. Highly flecked on clear grey green field. Short, open habit with low spine count. Excellent type for Middle Eastern markets. Professional grower quality. High Resistance: ZYMV; (Podi Complex); WMVII.

     pdf Squash EM Bahija F-1 HYB

  • EM Beacon

    An excellent cylindrical Topkapi class squash with Clarita color and medium size bush habit plants with medium size leaves. Compare to Jedida. Matures approximately 51 days from seeding and reaches 16-18 cm in length.

  • EM Delight

    A very light green Iskandarani type hybrid that is extremely productive, matures approximately 52 days from direct seeding, is 6-7 inches in length and is a slightly tapered, cylindrical shape.

  • Em Twilight

    A very classy, dark green, glossy zucchini with a semi-spineless plant for easier picking and less harvest damage from scratches to the fruit. Matures at approximately 50-55 days from seeding. Multi-virus tolerant and prolific.

     pdfSquash - Twilight

  • Grey Orizaba

    Excellent Grey Zucchini F-1 Hybrid with virus tolerance. Matures at approximately 50 days from seeding. Fruit reaches 16-18 cm in length. Especially suitable for Mexico.

  • Super Bol

    Super Bol is a beautiful round zucchini hybrid. Prolific, sturdy plant produces gorgeous fruit. Intermediate resistance to PM 2, ZYMV, & WMV.

     pdfSquash EM Super Bol (EM 201) F-1

  • Yellowstone

    A beautiful multi virus tolerant yellow zucchini with excellent color contrast between the dark green stem and the brilliant yellow fruit. Very productive with an open plant.

     pdfSquash EM 870 Gold Zucchini

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