• Campina

    For cool season production, deep domed, firm heads which are suitable for fresh market or processing. Tolerance to hollow stem and cat eyes. It is a very uniform plant with narrow stems for ease of harvest and trimming

  • Classic Tenderette

    Highly branching hybrid broccoli with multiple stems for production of baby broccoli. Very attractive dark green florettes, approximately 80 days to maturity.

  • Haiyan

    Mid-late maturing variety with very small, blue-green beads. Widely adapted and stable high-dome shape, great for crown production and processing.

  • Kinsman

    Beautiful variety with dark green beads. Adapted to all basic harvesting seasons. Maintains high-dome shape. Tolerant to extreme high or low temperatures. For direct seeding or transplanting. Fresh harvesting such as crown or bunching.

  • Roxanne

    Blue-green beads and high-dome shape. Very widely adapted all year, including spring planting for summer harvest. Humid or dry heat tolerant. For crowns, bunching, or processing.

  • Royal

    Widely adapted, high quality mid season broccoli with excellent yield potential and good uniformity. Produces perfect domed shaped heads with fine beads. Vigorous upright plant and holds well and tall at 75-80 cm. It performs very well under tropical conditions. Between 85-90 days to maturity after transplanting. Good tolerance to hollow stem and downy mildew. Very good for bunching processing and crown cut markets.

  • Royal Max

    Royal Max is ideal for planting in desert heat from September to late October, with cool weather late February harvest. In mild coastal areas plantings can be year round but Royal Max prefers warm weather. In North Guanajuato, Mexico plant in April through July. For fresh cut or processing.


  • Royal Tenderette

    Baby broccoli type for side shoot harvesting, small florets with long thin stalks and very sweet flavor. Smaller plant allows density production.

  • Sonora

    Excellent for planting under warm conditions for mid-summer or autumn harvest. The plant habit tends to be upright with good potential in heavy density plantings. Sonora has a high domed, tight, blue-green head with fine beads. This variety is very uniform and excellent for crown cuts or short trim.

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