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  • Adelante

    Our mid-early, impressive, short day white hybrid onion. This hybrid can produce uniform medium to jumbo near round bulbs. Matures 14 days earlier than White Grano. Very good Pink Root Resistance, tolerant to Fusarium.

  • Benito (EMY 55033) Benito (EMY 55033)

    Yellow, short-day variety with flattened-globe, large to jumbo bulbs.  Very early maturity with very strong Pink Root resistance. Mild flavor, strong roots.

  • Chachal Blanca

    An early short day hybrid with excellent foliage and high percentage of single centers. Very good for cebollin/set production  in  Mexico (Leon, Bajío), as well as in direct seeded area of Tampico and Morelos. Very good pink root resistance, high heat and disease tolerance.

  • Copada (EMY 55126) Copada (EMY 55126)

    Yellow, short-day, deep granex with large bulbs. Early maturity and strong Pink Root resistance. High percentage of single centers and good bolt tolerance. Very sweet flavor.

  • EM 110

    EM 110 is a truly professional choice for the sweet yellow Granex market. Beautiful large, yellow bulbs with a uniform deep-flat shape, and medium-early maturity. Storage ability is on par with the best in class. With very high tolerance to Pink Root.

  • EM 90

    An excellent, uniform deep-flat Granex class onion. For sweet onion markets. EM 90 has a large bulb size and mid-early maturity. It has moderate storage capabilities, very good resistance to Pink Root disease and wide adaptability.

  • EMW 51103

    Early to mid-early, short day, white grano class. Very good scales, smooth finish, and highly single centered. Bulb is pungent and firm, making this variety an excellent shipper. Highly tolerant to pink root. 

  • EMY 55210

    A very early maturing short day, dark yellow globe shaped hybrid from Emerald Seed Research for the demanding commercial grower. It has very attractive skin, highly single centered, and very good resistance to bolting. Firm with very high tolerance to Pink Root.

  • EMY 55291

    Very uniform mid-season short day hybrid onion, substantial marketable yields with capacity of very large, jumbo onions. EMY 55291 bulbs are very attractive with refined medium-dark yellow scales, and are single centered. Strong foliage with very good bolt and pink root resistance.

     pdfVarietal Fact Sheet: EMY 55291- HYB.

  • EMY 55375

    A mid-early yellow Granex, very refined and highly bolt tolerant. Produces large flattened bulbs with excellent Pink Root tolerance for the most professional markets. This onion is very sweet and highly single-centered.

  • EMY 70043

    Mid-season, short day variety that produces full round bulbs. Good firmness, single center, and widely adaptable. Excellent choice for South/Central California, Middle East, Tampico, and Brazil.

  • Hidalgo (EMY 72055) Hidalgo (EMY 72055)

    Yellow Globe, short-day variety with large to jumbo bulbs. Medium-early maturity and Pink Root resistant. Highly single centered, very uniform bulbs with deep yellow skin. Widely adapted, including Tampico and Texas.

  • Inkopah

    An exceptional short day to early intermediate red onion with very high percentage of single centers and beautiful red color on each ring. An excellent product for the hamburger and salad bar industries.

  • Keepsake

    Keepsake features very early production of high quality, firm, near globe onions. Attractive medium yellow bulbs. This is an excellent shipper and has very good storage capacity. Widely adapted for mid-early season production in short day onion districts throughout the world. Highly resistant to Pink Root.

  • Leucadia

    Mid-maturing, beautiful, bright white variety, adapted to southern USA districts, Middle East, Central America, Mexico, and other short day production areas. Excellent pink root resistance.

  • Pechanga

    Red, short day variety with a full round shape. Scales are deep pink to red; bulb has a high percentage of single centers. Pechanga F1 is an excellent choice for tropical regions. Early maturing, firm, very uniform and high yielding.

  • Reforma (EMY 55455)

    Variety developed for the sweet Granex market. Well adapted to production districts of Vidalia, South Texas, and other mild growing temperate and semi tropical production zones.

  • Rojo Ardante

    An excellent hybrid for short day, over-wintering growing areas. Rojo Ardante produces nearly globe, deep red onions with good pink root resistance. High heat and foliar disease tolerance.

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