• Anaheim EM 364

    A very high yielding Anaheim pepper with great adaptability, 2 lobes, high heat, erect plant with a lot of foliage.

     pdfPepper Anaheim EM 364

  • Bella 270

    EM Bella 270 is a widely adapted, high yielding, fresh market variety that produces large bells, which at maturity turn from green to red. This attractive bell is 3-4 lobed, blocky, with thick walls, and resistant to TMV. The plant habit is upright.

     pdfPepper EM Bella 270

  • Bella 733

    Produces very large sized (10 cm x 11 cm) dark green bell peppers, blocky–oblong in shape, 3 to 4 lobed with thick walls. Fruit matures to a scarlet red. EM Bella 733 is widely adapted, medium early maturing and continues a prolonged production period. Plants are relatively compact and vigorous, growing and producing a heavy canopy which protects EM Bella 733 from sun scald.

     pdfPepper EM Bella 733

  • EM Cantora

    A distinctive sweet pepper for Central and South America. Fruits are dark green with thick walls and medium-large broad shoulders. The fruit is generally three lobed and tapers to a blunt or semi-pointed blossom end; fruit is 10-12cm long by 6.0-8.0 cm wide. Resistant or tolerant to virus including TMV, TEV and PVY. Maturity 100-120 days.

     pdfPepper Cantora

  • EMJ 13007

    Excellent jalapeño hybrid, resistant to Bacterial Leaf Spot 1, 2, 3, TEV, PVY, and PMV. Fruit coloration changes from dark green to red medium. Walls are thick, making this variety good for processing.

  • Fortunato 1109

    Jalapeño with very high heat. Dark green color when immature, turning dark red at full maturity. Fruit walls are medium thick. No checking or Anthocyanic coloration. The plants are medium tall, providing good cover. Resistant to Bacterial Leaf Spot races 1,2, 3.

     pdfPepper Jalapeno Fortunato

  • Habanero EM 600

    Beautiful Dark Yellow to Light Orange Habanero with high capsaicin content. Dark Green before maturity, plants 70 – 95 cm in height. Fruit size 5 -6 cm in diameter, reaching a weight of up to 15 gm. Long season variety.

     pdfPepper Habanero

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